It seems like just about every week there are new stories coming to light about how Google, Facebook, or others are monetizing user data at the expense of privacy and often security. Many of these companies’ very business models depend on harvesting user data and selling targeted ads.

Up until recently users haven’t had much of a choice. Whether through work, social circles, or other vital networks, we’ve been virtually forced to engage with one of these large-scale Web 2.0 companies and hand over our data in return. This era is coming to an end.

A new decentralized era: Data Security and Privacy with User Controlled Data 

Today, we finally have a choice, the choice to decentralize. I’m excited that Stealthy is playing an important role in the evolution of the internet toward Web 3.0. The rise of an architecture and set of incentive mechanisms that put data ownership back with the user by default and allows for developers to monetize by means other than selling data is driving energy and talent toward ‘Web 3.0’ applications. 

We recently announced our mobile launch for iOS and Android at TC Startup Battlefield making Stealthy the first decentralized messenger on blockchain available on iOS and Android. Our team is dedicated to building a Web 3.0 communication protocol that empowers developers and gives users control of their data by default. We believe this should be and will be the new normal.

Web 3.0 is slated to be the new model in web interaction and will mark a fundamental change in how developers create applications, but more importantly, how people interact with those applications. With no centralized points of failures, and user controlled data, users can finally experience the true power of the internet without giving up their data and privacy.

More about the app: Secure Messaging + Public Channels + dApp Integrations

Stealthy provides a unified messaging experience for privacy and productivity enthusiasts to safely communicate. Users can collaborate on documents, share full resolution photos, and even monetize their content — all from within Stealthy.

Download the iOS or Android app

Next Level: The Stealthy Protocol Enables Other Developers to Leverage Key Infrastructure

In solving for a fully decentralized application, we’ve built an award winning stack on which Stealthy runs. In true decentralized form, we’re excited to enable the next generation of dApp developers to build on top of it as well. The ‘Stealthy Protocol’ allows dApp developers to focus on building products while offloading difficult communication infrastructure.

We believe openly sharing our work via the Stealthy Protocol will accelerate the growth of applications that will provide more alternatives to users, eventually enabling them to take back their very valuable digital identities. The ecosystem of consumer-ready decentralized applications is poised for massive growth and we’re excited to play a part in the success of many important apps that still need to be developed.

Download the iOS or Android app and join us on our Github! If you’re a developer, get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information on the Stealthy Protocol.