While Graphite has held onto the top spot, the landscape behind them continues to shift. DECS, Air Text, Note Riot, Recall, and Encrypt My Photos join the top 10 while SpringRole pushed up to #2. It’s exciting to see the apps on this list continue to improve their user experiences and add useful new features!

Meet the full top 10 and preview some of the upgrades they’ve made below:

#1: Graphite

Encrypted, shareable, decentralized personal data. → More

#2 SpringRole

Your #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on the Blockchain → More

#3 Zinc

Work-based identity & reputation system. → More

#4 Gladys

Your Open-Source Home Automation Assistant. → More

#5 Blockusign

Encrypted Document Signing and Digital Notary – Powered by the Blockchain. → More

#6 Recall

Safely store and access your photos. → More

#7 Encrypt My Photos

End-to-End Encrypted Photo Storage. → More

#8 Blockvault

Decentralized password manager for teams → More

#9 AirText

Create your own decentralized blog. → More

#10 Graphite Publishing

Graphite Publishing is a decentralized blogging platform with full site design in addition to authoring tools. → More

Just outside the Top 10

Note Riot

NoteRiot is your private, secure, note keeping tool. Notes are encrypted and accessible across all of your devices and platforms. → More


Decentralised encrypted code snippets organiser. → More

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