With February’s ranking in the books, we again we have 3 new entrants to welcome to the top 10. Congratulations to all the App Miners that completed February’s rankings and welcome to the 9 first-timers. The deadline for March’s upcoming rankings is February 28th and 11:59pm EST.

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New to the Top 10

#8 Gladys

Gladys moved from #14 up to to #8. Gladys is an open-source home automation assistant.

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#9 Xor Drive

Xor Drive worked into the 9th spot, up from #12. Xor Drive is an encrypted, decentralized file manager.

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#10 Blockcred

Blockcred is in the rankings for the first time, charting at #10. Blockcred is working to stop academic credential fraud in the Middle East and Africa.

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In addition to Blockcred which made the top 10, the following 8 applications joined for the first time.

#14 Air Text

Create your own decentralized blog

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#20 Sigle

A new amazing way to create decentralized blogs

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#42 Fupio

Social microblogging app with tags.

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#44 TimeStack

A time tracking and billing app

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#46 Twoblocks

Free and open source 2fa manager built with Blocks

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#50 Agora

Decentralized Marketplace

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#51 MyWhereAbouts

My data. My location history.

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#54 OI Calendar

Private, Encrypted Calendar in the Cloud

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If you’re interested in participating in App Mining, applications for March’s rankings are due on February 28th at 11:59pm EST. Get in touch with us via chat or by downloading the App Mining Starter Kit at app.co/mining or learn to build a dapp in an hour or less and with the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial.