One quarter of 2019 is already in the books and Graphite continues to lead the pack. This month a new App Reviewer, New Internet Labs was added to the program to score on how well applications protect their user’s fundamental digital rights. Awario was also introduced as a new App Reviewer and will officially begin providing awareness scores next month.

Below, meet the full top 10 and preview how and what they’re building. A special congrats to Justin Hunter, founder of Graphite Docs who is the first App Miner to earn over $100k in total payouts. We’ve also reached a special milestone for the program, with over $500k in payouts made since App Mining’s start with the dry run in October, 2018.

#1 Graphite → more

#2 Gladys → more

#3 Recall → more

#4 SpringRole → more

#5 Zinc → more

#6 Air Text → more

#7 Blockusign → more

#8 Blockvault → more

#9 Sigle → more

#10 → more

Projects just outside the top 10

#11 DECS → more

#12 Encrypt My Photos → more

New to App Mining and in the top 20:

#16 Scannie → more

If you’re interested in participating in App Mining, applications for May’s rankings are due on April 30th at 11:59pm EST. Get in touch with us via chat or by downloading the App Mining Starter Kit at or learn to build a dapp in an hour or less with the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial.